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The Financial Freedom Bible is the result of Dr. Cerullo's more than 20 years of intensive Biblical research, study and prayer. It will be the best study Bible that you have ever owned. Every word of this study Bible has been carefully written to lead you into a lifetime of supernatural financial miracles.

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Endorsements from Leading Ministers

  • Benny Hinn
    The Financial Freedom Bible that Dr. Cerullo put together is a Bible I have gone through many times. It has been such a blessing to me. It is one of the most powerful Bibles I have ever seen or used. Not only do you get the complete history of God's plan for supernatural provision (as it is revealed to mankind from Genesis to Revelation), but you'll also enjoy financial-breakthrough commentaries, charts, illustrations and lay teachings on the Lord's provision and supply.” Pastor Benny Hinn
    Benny Hinn Ministries
  • Dr. John F. Avanzini
    Thirty plus years of traveling the world with Dr. Cerullo, and teaching with him on every continent; I have heard the heart of Dr. Cerullo on many subjects. One of these has been his deep insight into what the Holy Bible says about finances, including God's plan to abundantly prosper those that comply with his simple instructions of how to get wealth. God's purpose for financial increase is to fund the end-time harvest and to raise the standard of living for God's people. I recommend that you acquire the Financial Freedom Bible compiled from Dr. Cerullo's vast knowledge of this subject.” Dr. John F. Avanzini
    International Bible Teacher
  • Pastor Jentezen Franklin
    We cannot ignore the issue of our finances. We cannot ignore the issue that the Bible speaks often regarding our finances. Therefore, there is no better time to get the resource of the Financial Freedom Bible. It will highlight all the Bible's answers regarding your finances and this is why I encourage you to get yours today.” Pastor Jentezen Franklin
    Senior Pastor of Free Chapel
  • Pastor Kenneth Copeland
    Jesus said in Luke 4:18, 'He hath sent me to preach THE GOSPEL to the poor'. Well, here it is; the highest authority in Heaven and earth, the Word of the living God. Good News! Jesus has made us free from financial bondage. Not what someone else has said, but what the Scripture says. Thank you, Brother Cerullo, for such a treasure. JESUS IS LORD!” Pastor Kenneth Copeland
    Kenneth Copeland Ministries
  • Dr. Pat Robertson
    The Financial Freedom Bible will help you discover God's way to financial freedom. I am happy to recommend this study Bible to anyone who wants to take control of their finances and reap God's blessings. I hope you will read The Financial Freedom Bible and draw inspiration from it.” Dr. Pat Robertson
    Founder of the Christian
    Broadcasting Network
  • Pastor Matthew Barnett
    The Financial Freedom Bible has a wealth of knowledge detailing the promises that God has for your finances. It is a complete reference, outlining God's Word on economics and the people who profited from their obedience, and it relates them to the way that we live our lives. This is such an amazing source of information which is sure to impact many lives. For anyone who would like to take control of their finances, I would highly recommend this study Bible.” Pastor Matthew Barnett
    Co-founder of the Los Angeles
    Dream Center
  • Rev. Tim Storey
    In the days of perilous times Dr. Morris Cerullo has given us timely insight in not just how to survive in difficult times but to thrive. His step by step biblical insight will help you manage your money, and how to make your money work for you. The Financial Freedom Bible will be passed down from generation to generation.” Rev. Tim Storey
    Author and life coach
  • Rev. Judy Jacobs
    The Financial Freedom Bible compiled by Dr. Cerullo is one of the most exhaustive study Bibles I have ever come across. The special features, highlights and symbols that are used throughout this incredible work makes it easy for a beginning student of the Word or a seasoned student of the Word. I highly recommend this amazing Bible to any student of the Word of God who has a passion to know God in a more intimate way and to know the Scriptures in a more exhaustive manner.” Rev. Judy Jacobs
    Worship Leader and Pastor
  • Tommy Barnett
    The Financial Freedom Bible unveils God’s secrets of financial success. Dr. Morris Cerullo is a great man of God who has seen the miraculous anointing of God financially on his ministry which has enabled him to reach the world with the Gospel.” Tommy Barnett
    Senior Pastor, Phoenix First
    Founder, Los Angeles Dream Center
  • Dr. Nasir Siddiki
    Prosperity is and always was God’s will for His people. Psalms 35:27 says: Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant. God actually gets pleasure when His children prosper. Study the principles of prosperity in Dr. Cerullo’s Financial Freedom Bible, and put a smile on your Father’s face.” Dr. Nasir Siddiki
    Wisdom Ministries
  • Dr. Miles Munroe
    Dr. Cerullo has done it again. This erudite, eloquent, and immensely thought-provoking work gets to the heart of the deepest passions and aspirations of the human heart to obtain financial freedom and personal security. In these times of economic uncertainty and global financial stress, this work is indispensable reading for anyone who wants to live life above the norm and discover that nothing is impossible if they are willing to discover the Kingdom principles of God's financial system. This is a profound and authoritative work of personal achievement and contains the wisdom of the ages. This special Bible is the culmination of a lifetime of the hard work, studies, and experiences of one of God's generals. It will inspire others to believe in God's divine provisions. This work is destined to become a classic in this generation and in generations to come.” Dr. Myles Munroe
    MMI International
  • Stephan K. Munsey
    Dr. Morris Cerullo has outdone himself this time! His new Financial Freedom Bible gives us what we need to get our financial lives on God’s track. When we learn how to break the bondage of debt from our lives, we will be financially able to spread the Good News to every soul on the face of the earth, thus completing the commandment given by Jesus to take the gospel into all the world. This lovely, bonded-leather Bible has the complete King James Version text in an easy-to-read font. It profiles the prosperity afforded many people in the Bible, allowing the reader to ally himself with them, promoting faith in a God Who never fails! The research features are attractive to the person who wants to know more about God’s plan for their lives. It even offers sound, biblical principles for running a successful business! It is the most comprehensive collection of financial success teachings that I have come across. I strongly recommend it to every person who wants to thrive!” Stephan K. Munsey, Ph.D.
    Senior Pastor, Family Christian Center
  • David Cerullo
    Over many decades, I have seen my dad’s ministry touch millions of people around the world. As an international evangelist and author, he has won countless souls to Christ and has equipped a powerful army of believers to take the Gospel to the nations. But I’m convinced the Financial Freedom Bible is one of his greatest achievements ever. As the economies of this world crumble, there has never been a more important time for God’s people to learn how to live in HIS economy. You’ll never find a financial resource like this one. Dad has poured his heart and soul into this powerful commentary on what God’s Word says about living a life of abundance. I’m so proud of what he’s done, and I know it will change your financial destiny.” David Cerullo, President
    The Inspiration Networks
  • Todd Coontz
    I've been in the financial industry for over twenty years as a financial advisor. God has called me to be a financial teacher and deliverer for His people. I've never seen anything that can help you more in your understanding of biblical economics than the Morris Cerullo Financial Freedom Bible! We do not live under the Babylonian system, which is founded upon debt! We are blood-covenant believers who live under an open heaven according to Deuteronomy 28:8. When we apply the principles outlined in this chapter of blessings, we will then walk in those blessings! With a resounding yes—I recommend Dr. Morris Cerullo's Financial Freedom Bible for anyone who wants the highest level of God's Blessings.” Your Increase Partner
    Dr. Todd Coontz
  • Charles Agyinasare
    Not only is Dr. Cerullo an apostle and prophet to the nations, He is one who has taught a lot of revelational truths to these nations which has opened heaven for their eternal good. One of the truths that God’s servant has shared in the nations is ‘God’s will to prosper His people’ so that there will be enough finances to support God’s work. Dr. Cerullo’s teaching on financial freedom is like a big river. There are shallow banks from where the sheep, cattle, and deer (young believers) can drink; then there are deep parts where the elephants and rhinoceros (matured believers) can swim. His teachings are incisive, systematic, deep, inspirational and they carry an anointing to break the yoke of financial bondage. Read this book as you are and be transformed into what God has always wanted you to be.” Bishop Charles Agyinasare
    Presiding Bishop
    Word Miracle Church International
  • Dr. T. L. Lowery
    Anything that Morris Cerullo writes, I'm interested in reading because he is a master of connecting what the Bible says with what is practical in life. God's people today cannot always do for the Kingdom what they would like to do because they are crushed under loads of debt. It doesn't have to be that way. God's Word has the answers. The insights from the Financial Freedom Bible have the power to set men and women free. I commend it to your reading, study, and implementation.” Dr. T. L. Lowery
    Founder of the T. L. Lowery Global Foundation
  • Robert Stearns
    Dr. Cerullo brings amazing scriptural truths to the Body of Christ which will continue to unlock covenant blessings for you and your family. The Financial Freedom Bible will be a powerful additional tool to equip you for your walk of blessing with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!” Dr. Robert Stearns
    Eagles Wings
  • Mark Rutland
    As a leader and businessman, I am always on the lookout for helpful insights. In Morris Cerullo’s Financial Freedom Bible, the business principals are exactly what the doctor ordered.” Mark Rutland, Ph.D.
    President of Oral Roberts University
  • Mike Murdock
    This is the Bible that thousands have waited for! It contains endless notes from a proven and knowledgeable man of God. It’s an irreplaceable gift for those you want to honor. Afterwards, you will wonder how you lived without it.” Dr. Mike Murdock


  • "Morris Cerullo's Financial Freedom Bible is an awesome blessing to me! Every chapter is great! I started with the teaching on tithing and am now reading about prosperity. I really enjoy this Bible and I read it every day. Brother Cerullo, since I've become your partner, my life has been dramatically changed! I am going to bring your Financial Freedom Bible to the Philippines and share it with my brothers and sisters in Christ, there."


  • "Brother Cerullo, thank you so much for producing your Financial Freedom Bible. It is perfect timing! The business success principles have really brought clarity and breakthroughs to my thinking and have helped me to see where I need to make changes. Your teaching has helped me to focus not on making money according to the world's system, but by following God's principles. When I rely on Him, and obey His ways, the rewards are reaped automatically! I love the pictures—they really make the Bible come alive and make it much more warm and personal."


  • "I read Morris Cerullo's Financial Freedom Bible every day. This Bible truly gives me a spiritual understanding of God's promises. The knowledge in it is awesome, and I can feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit as I read it. I would say to others: "This Bible is a lifetime treasure. Buy it!" Brother Cerullo, what a blessing it is to me to be under your prophetic anointing and mentorship, and to receive the wisdom of the Holy Spirit from your Financial Freedom Bible!"


  • "I am glued to your Financial Freedom Bible. It's hard to put down; every night I just can't wait to read this Bible. I have learned about J.C. Penney and Kraft—and how they built their businesses on godly principles. The easy-to-read design is great. I am so in love with mine that I witness about it. My nephew saw it and wanted one, so I purchased a Bible for him. He is a Catholic Christian. Thank you, Dr Cerullo, from the depth of my heart, for producing this one-of-a-kind Bible. Thanks for all of your labor and love."


  • "I am very, very pleased, having finished reading the first financial symbol on prosperity. We tend to think that we just "deserve" God's blessings, but this Bible is a good reminder that our Lord has conditions that we must fulfill through our obedience. I am studying the Financial Freedom Bible and absorbing it into my spirit. I will show it to my relatives and prayer group, too."

    Mary Lou

  • "Morris Cerullo's Financial Freedom Bible is great! The revelation from Dr. Cerullo, his prophetic words, and guidance for developing our faith for abundance is easy to read and understand. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a financial anointing. Thank you, Papa, for your dedication, life sacrifice, and your powerful messages. Your great wealth of wisdom and depth of teaching have guided me through many financial and life storms!"


  • "It is easy to read your Financial Freedom Bible; the power-principles for a successful business are what is guiding me. I can see the vision and declare prophetically: 'Financial freedom and prosperity are coming into my life like rain.' I continue to believe God. Certainly He will do much more. I would say this is a God gift to His people in this time of financial and economy breakdown."

    Aena Louise

  • "Dr. Morris Cerullo, I cannot actually tell you how much the Financial Freedom Bible has blessed my life and ministry! It has prepared me to deal will all of my financial challenges that I will probably ever have to deal with. I thank God for the sacrifices that you have had to make to receive the revelation you possess."


God's servant, Dr. Morris Cerullo

Morris Cerullo has been called many things: missionary statesman, father of the faith to today’s generation of leaders; pastor, teacher, and worldwide evangelist. His life has been dedicated to serving his Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • A prophetic voice to the nations of the world for more than six decades; he is affectionately known as "Papa."

  • Personally trained more than three million Christian leaders (Nationals) around the world to reach their countries for Christ.

  • Prolific author of more than 200 classic, Christian books and unique study Bibles.

  • Over fifty consecutive years of ministry to Israel, and to God's chosen people, the Jews.

  • Broadcaster of cutting-edge, daily television programming designed to strengthen the body of Christ.

The man, Morris Cerullo

Morris Cerullo is respected and revered by millions around the world. He has sacrificially dedicated his life to helping hurting people and to taking the good news of salvation to the nations. His life has been an inspiration to many.

  • Born a poor Jewish boy, he was raised in an Orthodox Jewish orphanage.

  • Received a divine, supernatural call from God to preach and evangelize when he was only fifteen years old.

  • Graduated from a New England Bible college

  • Married for sixty-one years to his sweetheart, Theresa ("Mama"), he is the father of three godly children, seven grandchildren,and nine great-grandchildren.

  • Holds honorary doctorates of Divinity and Humanities. Academic and spiritual leaders and heads of state around the world recognize his achievements and contributions to global evangelization.

The Morris Cerullo Financial Freedom Bible:

  Financial Freedom Bible Average Study Bible
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Financial Commentaries With Life-Changing Applications Included Not Included
Financial Freedom Symbols and Chain References Included Not Included
Prosperity Profiles of Biblical Characters Included Not Included
Business Principles Included Not Included
Faith-Promise Declarations Included Not Included
Extensive Concordance Included Not Included
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